David Mayo Life and Photography

David Mayo (1940-2017)

David grew up on a plant nursery in the King Country in North Island of New Zealand, not far from the Tongariro National Park and Mt Ruapehu.  Like so many other Kiwis, he grew up inspired by the natural beauty that surrounded him. Tramping on the nearby mountains, swimming in the river and bathing in natural hot pools were favourite activities. David loved learning new things throughout his life, innovation, adventure, and the ever so important overseas experiences. He was renowned for his resilience and resourcefulness but perhaps even better known for his dogged determination and courage in taking on difficult tasks.

David worked hard in school, and was frequently referred to as brain box. He particularly loved physics and maths and was dux of his 1957 high school class. Einstein was his idol but he had other interests such as theosophy, dianetics and yoga.

Hard work at home for David was also the norm. Daily chores  included milking the cow, chopping wood, and even sometimes hand pollinating blossoms. He found time for entrepreneurial activities such as breeding budgies, raising tropical fish and selling them along with aquariums he constructed.

It was in his father's nursery where his lifelong passion as a photographer began. He had the task of photographing plants.  Prospective customers interested to see what a particular plant looked like were shown slides that David had carefully mounted on pieces of glass.

His enthusiam for photographing the beauty of nature was unwavering. (Even at the age of 76 he was a keen gardener, hiker and photographer who was excited on a daily basis by a new flower blossom, a sunrise, native birds singing.)

David collected and photographed orchids in Florida, California, the Caribbean and Hawaii. But his real love was photographing and videoing extreme action in Hawaii. There David started a video production company, Saffron Finch Digital, and worked as a videographer capturing big wave surfing and windsurfing at Sunset Beach, Pipeline and other North Shore hotspots such as Backyards. An avid windsurfer himself, he was well suited to this lifestyle.  His skills and experience as a computer consultant and web designer were indispensable in video editing.

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